Our Story

Roots Wellness was born from the Covid19 pandemic and a desire to live and work in line with the principles we hold dear. During periods of lockdown, like many others, we realised the importance of mental wellbeing and taking time to connect to ourselves and nature.

Beginning from a passion and regular yoga practice and developing into yoga teacher training and further again into Forest Bathing.

With a background in human resources and corporate worlds, we saw first hand the effects of trying to balance self care, home life and work life, never more than during the pandemic and the general stressors that come with that. This has given us an added benefit of offering corporate wellness packages that actually work to improve employee wellbeing.

The methodology of our approach to all offerings is to give you the tools to practice self care, yoga, connecting to nature so that you can regularly practice this outside of any classes or workshops that you attend with us.

Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of our clients by reconnecting to ourselves and nature.

Yoga Classes

Our Yoga classes focus on wellbeing and stilling the mind through gentle and dynamic yoga postures.

All classes contain elements of meditation, mindfullness and breathwork.

FOREST Bathing

Our guide will take you on a sensory immersion journey through the forest focusing on the principles of mindfulness allowing you to experience and reconnect to yourself and nature.

Meditation and Breath

Our meditation and breathwork workshops refocus the mind and body to the present moment.

Meditation and breathwork has proven benefits on reducing the symptoms of anxiety and stress along with many other health benefits


Roots Wellness designs bespoke corporate wellness and team building activities.

We partner with local providers to design a package to suit all budgets

Yoga Classes

Meet Niamh

I'm a mother of three crazy children and wife to a modern day adventurer!

I have always practiced self care of yoga at home with online you tube classes and regular walks exploring the surroundings of the beautiful area where I live. Throughout my life I had always felt drawn to forests, wooded areas and the power of the ocean in coastal areas. Nature and yoga had a calming effect on me that I can't explain, but, I had definitely neglected that as I got busier with life, kids and work. 

My career and background is primarily in Human Resources and Leadership. The Covid19 pandemic reinforced how important self care is as I was working full time from home, pregnant, home schooling two children and completing a degree. I became stressed and anxious to a worrying level and decided enough was enough.

That age old saying of "you can't pour from an empty cup" rang so true in my house.

After coming back to focus on self care, I decided that I would delve further into that by completing a yoga teacher training course, which turned into many yoga teacher training courses, teaching friends and family and eventually running classes locally. Me being me, I went deeper, I began to study nature connection through forest bathing (Shinrin-Yoku). Forest Bathing awakened my senses further through mindfulness techniques while in nature and I began to feel the benefits of connecting to nature so quickly.

I am so delighted that I can bring people through a journey of internal focus, self care and nature connection and watch how it transforms them and has ripple effects on the rest of their life balances.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) originated in Japan in the 1980's as a green prescription for individuals to reduce stress. The effects of bathing the senses in nature can improve health and wellbeing by reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Reconnecting with the earth, feeling grounded and using the senses to explore the sensations of rain on your face, moss under your fingertips, the smell of the forest after the rain, the smell of wildflowers, texture of bark and noticing the raw beauty of the forest and all it has to offer, will allow you to walk away feeling present, grounded, calm and reconnected to both yourself and nature.

What our clients say about us

"Niamh, tonight was fab, thank you so much! Such a lovely pace and loved the "no ego in yoga" motto"
Rebecca Cresham
"Thanks again Niamh, I loved it! You made the experience enjoyable and I didn't feel judged for my lack of yoga expertise. Looking forward to the next one"
Fiona doherty
"Really loved the pace and flow of the class, the time flew. Loved the atmosphere, ambience, smells, music and the lovely clean mats"

Sophie lynch

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